The media would be full of Baby Lasagna and his winning song for Eurovision if a band from Cucerje (Shithole in Zagreb) had not released a new music video. You’re probably wondering which band that is? What is the video about? Is there really music in Cucerje? Who is Baby Lasagna?

Let’s be realistic, this interview is being published only because a member of the band, singer, keyboardist and songwriter Helena Novosel, is Dear Leaders Joe’s sister and he is the owner of the Flash.hr web magazine and decides what is worth publishing and what is not, while giving priority to those who pay.

Vroom – Helena Novosel
Photo: Petar Krajačić Vilović
To begin with: who is behind the band Vroom and how did this musical collective come about? Why are you shooting in Cucerje and what does Vroom even mean? Couldn’t you have had a nice name: Cucerje Arrows, Angels of Cucerje… or something more progressive like: Butt Wind and Fire, Baby Bolognese…?
Vroom consists of Roni Kranjec on bass and vocals, Helena Novosel on keyboards and vocals, Branimir Lozo on guitar and Rafael Lozo on drums, and we got together about two years ago after we all played together for another project. Cucerje is a picturesque area where our studio has sprung up, which we built with our own hands, because who wouldn’t want, in the heat of a creative trip, to see deer jumping around their car in front of the studio? We got the name Vroom from our first song “Kiša (RAIN)” and the onomatopoeia is due to Helena’s son, who is a big fan of motor vehicles, and it suited us because we are big immature idiots who like to cheer themselves up with animalistic cries of “Vroom Vroooom” when we have a good rehearsal.
Photo: Petar Krajačić Vilović
The public hasn’t even heard of your first music video for the song “Kiša”, and you have already released the second music video for the song “Suživot” which translates to “Coexistence”. An honest, poor Croat rightly asks: Coexistence with whom? With the Serbs? With transvestites? With the Nepalese?… Is this some kind of new propaganda? What is the song about and who wrote the lyrics? Is it true that Neno Belan also worked with you?

Rain came out as our first single when we decided it was time to stop sitting on the material and hiding it like a snake hides its legs. It was time to release it into the universe and that’s what we did. We kind of decided to let people discover it without much PR fanfare. But it still remains our favorite thing to play on rainy days.

Everyone is free to complete the first sentence of the song, for example Helena could say “Coexistence with you is a song, Josip…” referring to the wonderful days growing up in Dubrava (Croatian Bronx) when you ignored her because you were big and cool and she was a boring slobbery kid. The lyrics were written in collaboration with Tanja Marjanović, who was a great inspiration for the very foundation of the song during one creative summer on the island where Helena’s imagination often works overtime. The song talks about a passionate relationship that we realize is actually completely toxic. A breezy theme accompanied by a very sexy Vroom arrangement and crowned by Branimir’s guitar solo. Both singles were recorded at Neno Belan’s studio in Rijeka, which was an opportunity for us to go on a band trip and a wonderful experience for which we thank him. “Suživot” was produced by Berko Muratović at Funhouse Studio.

Cover art: Nikolina Žabčić
Both the first and second videos are animated. Who did the animation and how can someone from Čučerje even afford an animated video? Who is behind you? Who pays you? Admit it now and it will be easier for all of us.

After a great collaboration with animator Nikolina Žabčić on the first single, we decided to continue in the same tone and breathe animation into our next, slightly different, single “Suživot”. In this video, we continue to follow the character of Lenny, who is a kind of representative of Vroom in the animated dimension and swims through various situations in which our songs and ideas put him.

Animation is an expensive game, but we decided on that image and it simply suited us. Fortunately, payment was never a problem because the guys in the band married rich (except for Brane who is still single, dear ladies) and we also do regular jobs on the side to support our families and our lecherous band alter ego.

Your music is a mixture of rock, jazz, pop… and we all know that only Aleksandra Prijović is acceptable in Croatia. Who do you make your music for? Do you have any gigs at all? Are your songs playing on the radio? There is a wise old saying in Croatia – Fight Jazz with the Accordion! PS: Are you planning to apply to Dora and gain popularity like other honest Croatian musicians?

Vroom is certainly genre-fluid and that is one of our signatures because we did not want to limit ourselves by genre, but nurture everyone’s affinities and personal styles in order to get our specific and unrestrained sound. We want to provide the audience with authenticity, and we compose songs from that feeling, because the audience feels when the music is sincere. We have no problem with being played on the radio, in fact we support the idea. We are currently working in the studio and we are preparing a repertoire that is slowly going to be released. W are looking forward to soon, with enough original material, start playing live and don’t worry, we will tell you in time where you can buy a ticket for the show to support us.

As for the accordion, it does well in jazz as well, so who knows what we’ll cook up, considering that with each song we explore mutual ideas and fun creative solutions. We wanted to go to Dora, but we accidentally took a wrong turn in our vintage Audi 80 from ’96, a rotten cherry paint, so we skipped it. Maybe some other time.

Photo: Petar Krajačić Vilović
I wanted to ask you at the end if the interview for Flash.hr was the peak of your musical career, but you don’t have a career, so I’ll ask you: Where were all the band members in 1991?

If we had the peak of our musical career, our children would have yachts, Brane his version of Abbey Road Studio in Imotski, Roni a harem of basses in his castle on the purchased golf course, Rafo a parsley field, and Helena would be six feet under because fame ate her up, but we are still on the rise and have a lot more to say through our songs that we can’t wait to share with everyone. In 1991, we were not even in our parents plan, and…you are a boomer.

What message to send at the end? I gave my little sister my little finger, and she took my whole little hand. Another example that nepotism is not good. Vroom didn’t overshadow anyone. The title is just another CLICKBAIT!

A picture of Dear Leader Joe saying: God, God, why have you left me?

Maya Bay – Phi Phi islandss – Thailand – Dear Leader Joe
Photo: Flash.hr

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Author: Josip Novosel aka Vin Diesel for the poor people, self-proclaimed Dear Leader Joe, recreational mobster from Cucerje, corresponding member of the magazine “Fu..k demo bands”, first of all a man, and only then a tycoon and Gastro Snob.


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