When I was younger I always wanted to have some super powers. One day I was watching TV and the TV suddenly turned off. I looked at the TV again and the TV turned on. The logical conclusion was that I had supernatural abilities. I’m a superhero who turns the television on and off with my thoughts. I am TVMAN. Immediately I started calling my friends to brag how special I am, and in that moment I realized that my guitar was swaying on the remote control and turning the TV on and off.

I was shocked. I’m not a super hero though. I am just an average Joe. I was sad but this is not a story about my childhood traumas. If I am not a superhuman, it doesn’t mean that superhumans don’t exist.

This is a story about Patti Conklin. If you read this interview, you will find out what special skills she has and if she is a superhuman.

You live on a houseboat in Georgia, North Atlanta on the lake but this is not the reason why I’m doing this interview.

What? I totally thought that was why you were doing the interview? I mean, seriously, how many single women live on houseboats? 8 houseboats ago, I thought it would be cool to set up a MeetUp group here in this 1000-boat marina for single women.. only to find out there was only 1 woman who owned a houseboat.. me…..isn’t that unique enough for an interview 🙂 ?

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You are like superhuman, woman MRI. You see the world in black and white dots (Like when I was watching TV without signal because my parents were poor). Basically you can see thru people. Were you born with this gift or did you get it at some point of your life (from God, Devil) or did you maybe learn those skills in school for superhumans? Is there any chance for Marvel to make a movie about you: SUPERMRIWOMAN or SUPERPATTI?

Scientists described my gift as a walking MRI, and other Scientists described me as a Savant, some describe me as crazy, lol, whether it’s from God or the Devil, I don’t know.. All I do know is that my gift that was given at birth has helped tens of thousands of people around the world, so I will go with God. I’m not sure the few Demons I’ve encountered in my life were happy to see me, let’s just say they bit the dust, but a pure adrenaline rush for me!! While I don’t think Marvel would be interested in my gift I DID make it to X-files TV episode. In all honesty, it was a poorly-written episode but very cool seeing parts of my life story on TV! I think Stargate SG-1 missed the opportunity to have me on their show!

You told me that your method is cellular cleansing and that you are healing people with sound and colors. Does that mean that Gun’s and Roses music can cure Cancer? How does this healing process work? Do you see colours or hear sounds when you see your patients or you can see their aura or feel their energy/frequency? Do they need to come to your home or office or is it enough for you just to see them on video call? Do you need their medical history or do you know immediately when you see their faces/bodies what’s wrong with them? Can you heal them in one treatment or they need to come multiple times? Don’t be like Coca Cola. Tell us your recipe.

Sound and Color are the only active frequency in the Universe. Others might dispute this, however, everything, animate or inanimate has a frequency. I don’t know if Guns and Roses could cure Cancer, I only dated one band member, I’d think I would have had to date all of them in order to get an idea of that 🙂 I see people in person, by phone, by zoom or remotely. There is no such thing as time and space when it comes to frequency. Someone can be on the other side of the world and to me, it’s like they are sitting in the same room with me. There ARE a few times when I need to have a client in person, if I need to adjust particles rapidly or if they are in crisis. Most often, however, I can accomplish it while being somewhere in the world.

I do like their medical information. Sometimes the dr. has made a mistake, sometimes it helps me fine-tune my particle adjustments. As soon as someone speaks, I can typically ‘see’ ‘hear’ what’s going on in their body. However, I always want people to tell me what they think is going on, as the body will then adjust to let me know if it’s actually what the client feels it is or if I need to discuss different possibilities. It’s important, critically important, for a client to understand what is happening and it’s important that they discover it themselves with guidance from me.

Usually I do gastro interviews, but since Patti is in USA, I will need to eat without her 🙂

Restaurant Kavkaz
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe,
Restaurant Kavkaz
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Are there some cases like Terminal Cancer or Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis… that you can not cure or you are like GOD and you can cure everything? Can you make my legs longer? I feel like Frodo Baggins. Show me your power.

I can’t cure anything. That’s between my client’s Soul and God. I’m just a good conduit. There certainly are times when a Soul is ready to return home, wherever the client feels that is. At that point, I tell them honestly what’s happening and help them through their emotional, and physical thoughts. I don’t believe death should be scary. I work within the client’s belief system. A Christian will see Jesus, a Satanist will see Satan, and all the variation in between.

Frodo Baggins is awesome! As a tall woman, who even at 10 years old was called Amazon by classmates, I actually have hobbit blueprints in my little houseboat. At some point in my life, I’d love to build a hobbit hole, tall enough for an Amazon! I can help bones mend, hmmm, should we experiment with you and see how tall we can make you? Embrace your hobbitness, as Gandalf says ” My dear Frodo!, Hobbits really are amazing creatures, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you in a pinch” And THAT Dear Leader Joe, describes you to a T!

What’s the price of your treatment and how long do you do it (One hour, 6 hours, 1 day…). Does your price depend on the patient’s illness or color of their skin (Pneumonia 100 USD, COVID 500 USD, CANCER 5000 USD for white people, and double price for black people…) or do you have the same price no matter the health condition and color of your client? Does this healing process affect your body? Do you feel sick after this because you are taking their pain, their negative energy? Do you travel to other countries or maybe you can leave your body and go to another part of the world to cure someone and then come back to your body? Of course you would need to charge them for the body flight cost extra.

The price is the same no matter what ailment. Each time period or protocol has a different price, however, it doesn’t matter if a client has Stage 4 cancer versus Stage 1, Or perhaps an ingrown toenail, a spot on their tongue, or multiple sclerosis. conception issues, erectile dysfunction, a bad hair day or arthritis, or just plain grumpiness! I can leave my body and work on someone anywhere in the world, and come back. A nice shot of Scotch Whiskey at the end of the day is the way to make sure I come back into my body:) I don’t charge for inflight work as it’s pretty instantaneous. I do become ill after a Cellular Cleansing as I’m pulling the disease from their body. And no, it’s not like reiki or hands-on healing which can energetically be dispursed. My work goes deeper into the cells of the body.

I would have to say, in all absolute honesty, If Thanos were to show up, claiming world dominance, I’d have to charge him more…not because of the color of his skin (although I’m not sure what skin color Titans have..hmmm) I digress, I’d charge him more so he’d be too broke for Universal Domination. I wouldn’t charge the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers anything for treatment I think they do great deeds in the Universe and should be rewarded…and I like my world just the way it is. Captain Marvel, and the Black Widow, just so you know, both ROCK!

Are you the first person in your family that has those skills or it’s genetic and you got it from your father or mother, or maybe your kids have the same abilities as you? Is this something that you can teach someone or you are the only woman in the world with this gift and when you die, there will be no hope anymore for sick people? Maybe you can just touch someone and say: ”You are the chosen one. You are the next healer?” It doesn’t need to be me, but if this is your wish, who am I to say No 🙂

While I appear to be the first of my family with this gift/curse, I’ve definitely seen signs of my gift in my sons. Daniel has an innate ability to see within a Soul, usually mine to offer incredible insight. As a 3-year-old, he hypothesized that perhaps God has a Father or Mother who was getting closer to this planet, creating unease amongst Souls. Matthew could touch anyone and remove pain from their body with a single touch. Nope, they have no interest in taking over the company after I’m gone. They are a tremendous support system for me, but genuinely feel that God gave me this task and their job is to support me in my work. Which included my being gone for 30 out of Dan’s 42 birthdays. As they grew up we spoke daily no matter what Country I was in at the time ( oh vey, the PHONE BILLS!). The grandchildren are showing signs of my gift as well, however, we will wait until they grow up and see if they show any interest in taking over!

I have over 40 Certified Cellular Cleansing Practitioners in 10 Countries. While they aren’t me, I’m not them. They are incredible! I look at the gift they do have, as we all have gifts, and accentuate their gift so they can do a Cellular Cleansing on their clients using their gift. They can always come to me for advice or more indepth training if they feel they need it. I teach this class once a year, typically in October.

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Do you believe in the Afterlife/Reincarnation or do you think that we only have this life and when we die, this is it? Can you see past lives or future lives or you don’t have those skills and you can only cure cancer? Just want to know will I be tall in the next life and will I have hair? PS: I also want rich parents. I don’t need a lot to be happy. I was always too humble. That is my biggest problem.

I do believe we have an Afterlife/Reincarnation however I don’t claim to have an understanding of it. I rarely will see a past life in someone, nor do I see the future, in this life or another to come. I DO think we go somewhere, I just don’t know where. I hope I go to the Big House or be a rock on Mars for a million years so I can rest! LOL, the name of my boat btw, RockonMars ~ Makes my kids laugh. If I were you, I’d write the desire to be taller, have hair and be wealthy on a piece of paper to go with you when you leave your earthly body, just incase God takes guidance 🙂

Did you ever have a problem with USA doctors because you were taking their patients or you have good experience with them and you are exchanging knowledge? If you were born in the 19th century, you would probably burn as a witch. You are so lucky.

I don’t for a minute take my gifts for granted at any time. Doctors will be skeptical at first and say some pretty nasty things, especially here in the USA, however after a month or two of me working with their Patients, the Dr. will normally call and apologize, and ask zillions of questions. My work is much more accepted in other Countries around the world who understand Vibrational Medicine, Eastern protocols for healing etc. I’m thankful I’m still around!

What would be your advice for people to be happier and healthier in their life? Tell them to start following me on Instagram @DearLeaderJoe . This is the ultimate recipe for happiness.

Absolutely, people need to follow @DearLeaderJoe on Instagram, after all, you were brilliant enough to ask for an interview :). I really hope people understand that in every minute of every day, WE get to choose how we feel. No one can make us feel unhappy or loved. Those are emotions we choose in the moment of every event. I also hope that people realize that while getting a Cancer diagnosis is scary, or perhaps it’s another life-threatening diagnosis, there is always hope, and there is always to face whatever you are facing with a positive mindset. We are what we think. Our body hears it all. I am always here for you.

Dear Leader Joe aka VINA DIESEL for poor people

Is this interview the highlight of your life? if it’s not, you can lie that it is.

This interview has certainly been a highlight of the most evocative questions, ever!

Thank you @DearLeaderJoe ~ Patti

Patti Conklin
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Author: Josip Novosel aka Vin Diesel for poor people and self proclaimed Dear Leader Joe, a corresponding member of the magazine “If she is a woman, she cannot be a superhuman” , a friend to the wealthy, a tycoon and a Gastro snob but above all a human.

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