How did Justus Reid become social media star by performing Croatian and Balkan music in the USA


People from all around the world are saving their whole life so they could pay me for the interview on aka most popular online travel/business/lifestyle magazine in Croatia. Justus Reid is not one of those people. He didn’t save, he stole money from his parents. Who is Justus Reid and why is he No1 USA influencer in Croatia and Balkan? Read the fucking interview and you will know.

How the fuck did one guy from USA become so obsessed with Croatian and Balkan music? The Croatian secret service asked me to check: Where do you live in the USA, how old are you and where did you hear our music? Do you work for the CIA? Don’t force me to take you to Croatian Guantanamo (Read – Cucerje) for investigation. If you played USA songs, no one would know for you, but now you are an EXYU celebrity!?  Life is not fair. Don’t steal bread from our poor musicians. Play some country music 🙂 

I always say that I didn’t choose Balkan, Balkan chose me! Back when I started my Tik Tok profile all of my videos were about cars (another passion of mine) and one video I made really grabbed the attention of Balkan People. The video was about (as it is known in America) the worst car ever made, the Yugo. When that video went viral in Balkan I decided to show them my other passion, music. I made a video where I sang a Serbian song, found a new audience, and have been singing Balkan songs ever since. I never have discovered Balkan music on my own. Every Balkan song I sing is recommended to me by a fan.


Who’s singing along!? #balkan #croatia #hrvatska

♬ original sound – Justus Reid

I’m 22 years old and live in South Dakota, USA. I don’t work for the CIA but I do work for the government. I would tell you more about my work but then I might have to kill you. You can try the send me to Cucerje but you will never catch me because I am highly trained.

No one in America knows who I am. I am far from a celebrity here, but being famous overseas has been so fun! I get to be famous but not be bothered in my everyday life.

Justus Reid

You were invited to the Croatian Supertalent show. Do you think that you didn’t win because your Croatian sucks or you didn’t  choose the right song? Did your friends and family asked you: ”Where the fuck is Croatia? Someone will kidnap you there! Don’t go. You can not trust them!” 

I will admit that I was very shocked that I didn’t advance to the next round. I thought I did pretty good given the circumstances. My Croatian does suck though, that’s probably it.

None of my friends wanted me to go, they all thought it was too dangerous. Flying to the other side of the world to spend time with strangers didn’t sit well with them. I’m glad I took the risk and went because it was an amazing experience.

I hope you don’t have brothers and sisters because your obsession with Balkan music could spread on them like Covid. We should have a music lockdown for people like you. I never get so many likes and comments when I play Croatian music. Por que? I hate you! 

All of my siblings have been in videos of mine at this point. They don’t really understand it but they agree to be in the videos anyway. Maybe find an American friend to sing with you and you will get more likes. I’m always going to have haters but they only make me stronger. Keep hating.

Have you ever been in other EXYU countries and will you come again to Croatia? How did you like Croatia (food, girls, nightlife…)? I hope you have a girlfriend in the USA and that Croatian girls don’t like you because there are not enough girls for us. We are not Indians (Native Americans). We don’t need some cover song cowboy to steal our national treasures. This is not a threat but: Stay home. It could save lives 🙂

I spent two weeks in Slovenia in the summer of 2021 and it was a life changing experience. I definitely want to come back to Croatia but it is a very expensive plane ticket. If I were to come again soon it would have to be for a business opportunity. I’m open to any offers.

I was only in Croatia for three days so I didn’t get to do too much but I did meet some new friends and get to try some amazing authentic food. It was more than 24 hrs of travel to get there and there is a large time difference so I spent a lot of time just trying to stay awake! On my next visit you will have to show me the night life because when I was there I spent every night sleeping.

I did try Mcdonald’s in Croatia and it’s not even close to as good as in the USA.

Also, I’m single so… sorry not sorry

Usually I’m doing gastro interviews, but since Justus is in the USA, I will eat without him 🙂

Bistro Vrapcak – Cold platter
photo: @DearLeaderJoe,
Bistro Vrapcak & Steakhouse – Dry Aged Stakes
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe,

You are now a social media celebrity with more than 438K followers on Tik Tok and more than 57K followers on Instagram. Why do you still work as a soldier in the USA army? Can’t you just live as an EXYU cover influencer? Maybe you should do Indian music covers? They have more than 1,3 billion people. You will get more followers than here. PS: What kind of soldier are you? Like RAMBO or some IT nerd in the basement?

The truth is that social media just doesn’t pay the bills. Tik Tok and Insta don’t pay very much at all. If I were to do it full time then I would need sponsorships from brands. If any brands want to sponsor me so I can quit the Army they can DM me on instagram or email me at

I don’t think I’ll ever switch music regions I’ll stick to Balkan and American music. Fine, I will give in and tell you what I do for a living. My job with the Army is to run the South Dakota National Guard’s social media profiles. So my full-time job is to make social media content for an American audience (mostly entertaining videos). In my free time I make Balkan Content but I would love nothing more than to make that my full-time job instead.

Justus Reid

Why do you think that everybody should follow me ”DearLeaderJoe” on Instagram and Tik Tok and is this interview the highlight of your life? If it’s not, you can lie that it is.

We all know that Dear Leader Joe is No1 influcencer in Croatia/Balkan/Europe and maybe entire world, not just world, in the whole Universe 🙂 So many celebrities want’s to look like you. Here is an example of a couple of celebrities who became famous and successful because they followed and copied you:

Vin Diesel is Dear Leader Joe poor copy

Dear Leader Joe aka Vin Diesel for poor people

Dear Leader Joe and his poor copy Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset

Dear Leader Joe and his copy Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset

When you copy Dear Leader Joe, then you are the most popular influencer on the planet ”Andrew Tate”, but also in jail

Dear Leader Joe and Andrew

There is also Pit Bull and so many others 🙂

I always enjoy doing interviews and this is certainly one of the best interviews… I’ve done… so yeah.

If I didn’t ask you something and you think that I should, ask yourself and write the answer. I really don’t have inspiration anymore.

You released a new original song about a Croatian girl recently. I love it! It’s the greatest song I’ve ever heard! Do you have any more plans for original music?

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. The song is called ”Djevojka” and is streaming everywhere now. You can listen on YouTube, Spotify, or anywhere else you listen to music. I will soon be releasing a music video for this song (by the time this article releases it may already be out) and I’m sure my fans will love it! I love to make music and want to collaborate with a famous Croatian singer. If any famous Croatian singers are reading this, reach out!

Most important question in Croatia for the end – Where were you in 1991?

Not born yet. I hope that’s the right answer.

Author: Josip Novosel aka Vin Diesel for poor people and self proclaimed Dear Leader Joe, a corresponding member of the magazine “With Balkan music against jazz and RNB” , a friend to the wealthy, a tycoon and a Gastro snob but above all a human.

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