Dario Marcac – How to be popular on TikTok and why should you invest time in this social network


Few days ago, Dario Marčac called me excited like Andrew Tate when he realized that he is popular like me. Dear Leader, TikTok is the future. You have to be up there. Big money is there”. I answered him politely: “What the fuck.. TikTok? Christmas is coming. I will sell firecrackers at the bus station. There is real money there.” Dario didn’t let himself be put down: “There are more people on TikTok than at your bus station. Business is done online. Do an interview with me and I will explain to you how I make a living from social networks. Do not worry. I’ll pay for the interview. I’m making good money.”

In heard the voice in my beautiful head: “Don’t worry. I will pay for the interview. I’m making good money.” Who am I to deny a young man his wish? Who am I not to take money from a young entrepreneur’s hand? The deal fell through. The following is an interview with Dario Marcac aka The King of TikTok.

Dario Marcac aka King of TikTok
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe, Flash.hr and pots

Everyone’s waiting for you to reveal the secrets of TikTok, but I’m interested in something much more serious to begin with. Not that I’m asking for a hair in your egg, but you dropped out of college. You don’t have a degree, and I was taught to listen to a professionals. How can I trust someone without school? What did you study and why did you leave university? Did your parents delete you from the last will after that act? You are setting a bad example for young people. For the first time, I’m thinking of stopping the interview at the first question.

Take it easy Dear Leader Joe, first listen to what this is all about. I entered two high schools, one was a technical school – mechanical engineering, and the other was a music school – pianist. Both occupations were okay for me, however, I did not fully find myself in them. After graduating from high school, I had two choices: college or direct work. I thought back then, and I agree with today’s thinking, that if I start working right away, I will probably surround myself with a company that will not be stimulating for me, and I will remove my potential for progress already at the age of 19. That’s why it was the faculty’s decision. Not to finish it and wave the paper, but to get away from the usual environment, parents, society and everything and be exposed to new experiences and have the opportunity to spend time alone with my thoughts.

That’s what my years at university looked like, which I even successfully completed. I focused on myself, discovering what I was interested in, became aware of the things I wasn’t interested in, worked to pay my rent and have food left over, and trained. My college years are one of my favorite ones that I wouldn’t have been able to experience if I hadn’t chosen such a major, and by chance, if coincidences exist, I became interested in sales in the last year of my undergraduate degree, after which I leave college just a few exams before the end.

You say that at one point you invested several thousand dollars in a franchise. Where does someone without school get thousands of dollars and what kind of franchise is that (Pablo Escobar)? Admit now in front of everyone that you are a mobster. You will serve some time in prison, but you will survive. 

I was not a mobster. I had to do everything by myself. It was about the sale of software for the digitization of business. An initial investment with which I bought the franchise is required and, of course, education. I did this for two years and worked 16+ hours a day without a break. I can’t even describe how it feels when you find yourself doing something you truly enjoy and still get paid well for it. Within a year, I became the most influential partner of the company in Europe with the largest number of franchises sold. In the second year of work, I began to notice more and more different videos from TikTok on my Instagram profile. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but I decided to download the strange app and find out the details.

Dario Marcac aka King of TikTok
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe, Flash.hr

Young people first ran away from their parents from Facebook to Instagram, and now they have all moved to TikTok. How did you become popular on TikTok? Let’s be real, you don’t have tits, and we all know that it’s easiest to be popular on TikTok if you dance in front of the camera in your cleavage to some retarded Trap song. (I expect feminists attack in 3,2,1…) In one word, no one is interested in you, mate? You’re not so young to be on TikTok anymore. Adults work at the post office, bank or at the employment office.

I ask myself the same question today! Why would anyone follow me? Realistically! I don’t show my body constantly, I don’t have drama on my profile, I don’t provoke, I don’t insult people around, who am I interesting to? It seems that there are obviously people who are tired of all that and want to come to a profile where they will learn something interesting, and where there will be no negative things. I think the main reason I’ve made it big on TikTok is because I’m honest and positive in my videos. That’s how I radiate, or at least that’s what they tell me. In the beginning, my content was more oriented towards the younger generation, there were different fun puzzles, cute challenges, skits… however, during the corona everything changed. A more mature audience arrived and that’s when I changed my content to what it is today.

At one point, Dario interrupted the interview and said: “Isn’t this a gastro interview? You promised to take me to lunch. I can’t talk on an empty stomach.” So much for the fact that TikTokers are not poor and hungry. I took him to Bots and Pots, the world’s first robot restaurant. Yes, you heard right. Here, robots prepare your food. The only drawback is that you can’t find a hair from Chef in the plate, and if there is no hair in the plate, how will I ask for a refund?

Dear Leader Joe aka Vin Diesel aka Andrew Tate for poor people and Dario Marcac aka King of TikTok
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe, Flash.hr

You say you don’t work as an influencer/brand ambassador. So how do you live then? How do you make money on TikTok? How do others make money on Tik Tok? When is the best time to post a video, what kind of video and how long does it have to be to get a million views? How many euros does TikToker get for each view and can someone from suburb be popular on TikTok? PS: Do you even have a company and do you pay taxes? These are questions that interest an honest hater.

My focus is on building successful TikTok profiles for brands of different niches. Although I have collaborations with different brands, this is not the main thing I want to achieve. Most people on TikTok make money through live. When the creator goes live, his followers donate coins to him, which then turns into real money, i.e. earnings for the creators. Regarding the publication of videos, the best time, duration and how they should look, in less than a month an online education program will be ready through which my goal is to help everyone who wants to create viral videos on TikTok and, of course, earn money with their work. Especially to everyone from suburb because I’m sure that’s where the real future TikTok stars lie. PS: I have a company and I pay taxes and all other duties, honest haters can sleep peacefully.

I ordered a sweet pig with gnocchi for us.

Bots and Pots – Sweet pig with gnocchi
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe, Flash.hr

Dario could not hide his delight, although perhaps he should have. His smile revealed that he had braces. If I had known, I would have refused the interview. I can not help myself. I’m a dental Nazi.

Bots and Pots – Dario Marcac aka King of TikToka
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe, Flash.hr

Who was your first major client and why would a company invest its marketing budget on TikTok when they can invest in Facebook, Instagram, TV advertising or rent the cover of  Flash.hr?

My first major client was an amusement park in Zagreb, which I raised to 120,000 followers and which had concrete conversions in terms of people coming to the park and an increase in the number of birthday packages sold. Such a result was followed by numerous other inquiries.

You don’t need to exclude any marketing channel that brings conversions, you just need to cleverly maneuver each of them. There are differences, depending on who you address and with what goal. When today’s new generations walk through the city, they don’t look at what’s printed on the bus, what the billboards look like, or who will hand them a flyer on the road to find out the latest news about a salon. Most often, they search everything online and look for recommendations there. As for Facebook and Instagram, those platforms continue to do a fantastic job and I certainly wouldn’t advise anyone to cut them out of their marketing efforts to invest more in TikTok.

I like to say that TikTok is seen as an investment in the future. Nobody’s goal is to invest only and exclusively in one channel, for example in Facebook, and at one point disappear along with the population on that network, the audience should be expanded and rejuvenated. TikTok is a different platform, especially at the moment when there are no ads yet, so we are all equal. There is no bigger budget that will cover the lack of creativity. Both big and small, we all have the same start on that network. Only the more creative ones win.

How much do you charge for your campaigns or managing TikTok and how do you convince clients that it’s worth it? Do you knock on their door as a Jehovah’s Witness or do they call you?

I don’t knock on doors or even stand on the same street as their house. In the beginning, I was so fascinated by the possibilities on TikTok that I had the need to prove why a company should be on that platform and make the most of it. After a while I realized that it was a waste of all my resources. When brands are more aware, they will start reporting themselves. And it was like that. It’s up to me to bring quality results, it’s up to the others to send an inquiry. I don’t have a standard price list that I send to everyone, because it depends on the number of videos, the type of activity, the complexity of the topic, the long-term cooperation, so there are a lot of factors that are included in this calculation.

Dario Marcac aka King of TikTok
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe, Flash.hr

Is being an introvert the secret to your success? You don’t go out, you go to sleep at 10 at night and wake up at five in the morning. Isn’t that unfair to others who have a life? It’s easy to be successful when you work as slave (I expect an attack by the politically correct police in 3,2,1…) or do you think it’s not important how much someone works, but how smart they work? Maybe you have some secret formula for success, or maybe you’re just too lucky?

It depends what does it mean to have a life? What I do and how I do it is my life. I enjoy it. I don’t need to go out every weekend and hang out with everyone. I don’t need to go out for coffee and take pictures at rush hour. There is no big secret here. Roll up your sleeves, work and make mistakes and so on in a circle.

You bought an apartment, a car and you play the piano like Dear Leader Joe, although not nearly as well as me. Do you have any bigger ambitions in life? Maybe you could one day run for president? You can do your own campaign on TikTok. I have a slogan: Marcac, my president. Fuck you! And my president! 🙂

Hahaha well this is actually a great idea. Now that I finally got an interview with Dear Leader Joe, with this kind of attention I believe that I can run for office without any problems, but that is not my direction. I certainly have ambitions and big plans for the future, but it wouldn’t be so cool if I told them before they happen.


Reply to @ozbiljni1 ŠTO DA ODSVIRAM SLJEDEĆE? ?? #dariomarcac

♬ original sound – Dario Marčac

Before, everyone called me Vin Diesel for the poor, but now because of the climate fanatics, Diesel is out. Kids stop me on the street and ask if I’m Andrew Tate. Maybe it’s time for me to rebrand myself. What can you do for me to become a TikTok millionaire and can you order your followers to follow Dear Leader Joe on TikTok and Instagram @DearLeaderJoe ?

Orders can only be issued by the Dear Leader Joe. But after this interview, they will start following you themselves 😉

Dear Leader Joe aka Andrew Tate for poor people

Is the interview for Flash.hr the highlight of your life and if not, feel free to say that it is.

I think it will take a long time for someone to top this.

Dario Marcac aka King of TikTok
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe, Flash.hr

It’s not like I’m counting your blood cells, but what kind of surname is Marčac? Where were you in 1991?

I wasn’t there in 1991.

PS: At the end of this interview, I can conclude that introverts have an easier time in life. Namely, they don’t have a life, so they can focus on work. Dario has more followers on TikTok than me. Is that fair? Of course not. If you have nothing better to do, you can follow Dario on TikTok, but you’d rather follow me. I tell the team from “Bots and Pots” that this promotion is not free. I expect them to reach deep into their wallets. Rolex watches don’t fall from the sky for me. Someone has to pay for it.


Author: Josip Novosel aka Vin Diesel aka Andrew Tate for poor people and self proclaimed Dear Leader Joe, a corresponding member of the “Fuck the school, TikTok No1 rule” magazine, a friend to the wealthy, a tycoon and a Gastro Snob but above all a human.




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