He hit the shot from the center in the CIBONA basketball game and won 1000 euros!


The probability of someone hitting a shot from the center is less than being struck by lightning, but that’s what happened in the basketball match between Cibona and Buducnost.

Marko Petar Oreskovic – Cibona – Gaz Nutrition competition for 1000 euro

Marko Petar Oresković, a famous standup comedian from Zagreb, hit a shot from the center and won the prize of €1,000.00! The video of the shot got more than 180,000 views in less than 24 hours, and it will surely get a lot more because everyone is talking about it. Some of the TikTok comments are:

it must be a janitor, easy for him when he watched real basketball players ????

it’s better if he played yesterday

easymoney sniper


Pogodak s centra za 1000€ #kkcibona #hejahejacibosi #gaznutrition

♬ original sound – KK CIBONA

Cibona announces that they will play again on Monday, January 22nd, at the domestic championship match when BC Split comes to Drazen’s Petrovic home, and then again one of the lucky spectators will have the chance to win a thousand euros!

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