Craig Derrick – Why did 360 UK photographer who worked for Formula 1 moved to Croatia!?


As a founder and president of IBMC – International Business Meetup Club, I have opportunity to meet and work with very interesting people from all around the world and help them with their personal and business life in Croatia. One of them is Craig Derrick from UK, amazing 360 photographer. He asked me politely could I do interview with him, and I sad: ”Of course, if you have money :)”

Dear Leader Joe aka Vin Diesel for poor people & Craig Derrick – Kavkaz

You were a photographer for Formula 1, Royal Family, celebrities… Can you maybe get me the title Sir Dear Leader Joe?

I’m still waiting for my title so you’ll have to wait your turn.

Craig Derrick

How did you get those clients and why and when did you move to Croatia? You had everything in the UK. Are you suicidal? 

In the UK I lived in a place called Cheltenham, lots of famous people lived there and also a very famous horse festival is there every year. I was contracted by the local equivalent of Gloria Magazine so I was recommended by lots of people due to the quality of work I produced. 

Craig Derrick

F1 was my passione from a young age….I have never missed watching it on TV for 25 years. An old colleague in the UK offered my the opportunity to work in F1 for the 2019 season….I couldn’t resist, so for 2019 I travelled to the F1 in Silverstone, Barcelona, Hungary and Abu Dhabi working in F1 before the Covid put a stop…but I hope to return again someday.

Yes, I had (on the outside) what appeared to be everything but then I came to Croatia on vacation 8 years ago, and as a photographer, was stunned by the amazing places I visited and so decided this would be my next adventure.

Did you have problems with starting a business in Croatia and can you compare it with the UK?  Could we maybe export our bureaucracy to the UK?

Starting the business was, hmm…..easyish…..but the paperwork, bureaucracy and nepotism is crazy…I have always said that in business it is not WHAT you know but WHO… in Croatia…this is multiplied 1000 times and as an “outsider” it is even harder.

You told me that you would like to work with Rimac. Why? I know so many Albanian entrepreneurs and they are also experts for cars. I can connect you with them.  

I would love to work with Rimac and take what I learned in F1 to Rimac to see if it something they would be interesting in understanding. He and his company are the cutting edge of car technology in Croatia and I admire Mate Rimac for what he has achieved in this area. A true entrepreneur and risk taker who has managed to produce THE BEST and fastest electric car in the world.

I always do Gastro interviews 🙂

Kavkaz – Prawn balls
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe,
Salomon stake – Kavkaz @DearLeaderJoe,

You are now doing amazing 360 photography (Hotels, Villas, restaurants, yachts…). Can you charge our clients the same prices as you charge in the UK or you have problems with clients who choose lower prices instead of quality? I always say to every client: ”I’m not expensive, you are poor!”

I have been doing 360 Virtual Tours for over 20 Years and was taught by one of the best 360 photographers in England.  Prices in the UK are A LOT higher than here in Croatia but also the understanding of 360 Virtual Tours is more. Here, it is still seen as a new (unknown extravagant) thing. I know the value of my work so won’t lower the cost. If someone wants it the best then it costs.

What is so special in your 360 photography? Why should someone hire you instead of his cousin from HDZ that has a brand new Iphone?

Firstly I would love to see someone try to do a professional grade 360 Virtual Tour with an iPhone…that would be interesting…..HA HA HA…., a good way to explain it is this: Anyone can buy the best cooker in the world but it doesn’t make them a great Chef… Anyone can by the best camera in the world….it wont make them the best photographer. I was taught by the best, I continually learn to improve, and through my 20 plus years of experience I KNOW that what I do, and how I do it. The attention to details, customer service and quality is hard to beat. You can check my work on

I heard that you don’t like ajvar!? Why? Porke? Is there something else that you don’t like in Croatia (food, wine, people, music, language…). You can say now before we deport you back to the UK.

Just the Ajvar for now.

Craig Derrick – Gin Tonic at Kavkaz
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe,

What do you think about Croatian language? Did you learn it or you still pretend that you are Englishman after so many years that you are living here?

So…. my best friend in the UK is called Jessie. And when I arrived to Croatia 8 years ago I was living in Orasac in Dubrovnik. Every day at the bar I kept on hearing “Jessie, jessie” and I keep thinking….hang on…my friend must be here. A few days after I realize it is ”ĐESI” and not ”Jessie”….. Welcome to my first Croatian lesson 🙂 haha. I still didn’t learn your language. It’s really hard.
Most important question in Croatia for the end – Where were you in 1991?

In 1991 I was living in the UK, I remember watching on the news about a place called Dubrovnik that I had never heard of, being attacked… many…I had no idea of where this was and why it was happening….20 years on…I understand more.

PS: If I didn’t ask you something, say now or be quiet forever. 

Can you please mention I saw this great photobooth over 6 years ago and got one from the UK….I was the 1st in Croatia to being this here. Perfect for weddings, parties, events etc.

We had a really nice conversation. I explained to Craig at the end that it is customary for a guest to pay for lunch and drinks. He had a smile on his face that said: ”You must be kidding!?”

Craig Derrick – Kavkaz
Photo: @DearLeaderJoe,

If you want to hire Craig for stunning 360 tours or his magicmirror for events, you can contact him on


Author: Josip Novosel aka Vin Diesel for poor people and self proclaimed Dear Leader Joe, a corresponding member of the “Balkan aristocracy” magazine, a friend to the wealthy, a tycoon and a Gastro snob but above all a human.

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